Benefits of a Putney practice utilizing CEREC for dental restorations

Receiving traditional dental restorations is a lengthy process. Patients must first visit their dentist for the preparation of the teeth, and then impressions are taken. These moulds are sent to an outside laboratory, which could be located hundreds of miles away. The dentist sends them with specific instructions regarding shape and colour of the restorations, and must places temporary restorations on the patients’ teeth. The process of having custom restorations fabricated through an outside laboratory can take weeks. When they arrive, patients must schedule another appointment for the placement of the restorations.

This is a lengthy process to restore a smile. It can take several weeks, several appointments, and require more time and energy than is necessary.

Thankfully, patients who visit Gentle Dental Putney have a dramatically different experience. The team uses a state-of-the-art device called CEREC to create restorations for patients. CEREC, which stands for CERamic REConstruction, is a milling device that uses digital impressions to create same-day restorations. Patients can enjoy the placement of veneers, crowns, or bridges during the same appointment, saving time, money, and energy when compared to traditional restorations from outside laboratories. Patients do not need to schedule more than one appointment with their dentist, nor do they have to deal with temporary restorations.

CEREC restorations are the same quality as laboratory-constructed restorations, and are often more precise. This is because digital impressions are used to make exact restorations. The dentist is able to monitor the colour and shade of the restoration to ensure that they match seamlessly with the patient’s existing natural teeth. This provides a better, more accurate match, and ensures patient satisfaction from the minute they’re applied.

Are you ready for a fast and efficient visit to the dental office for restorative treatments? If so, Gentle Dental Putney is here for you! We are taking new patients into our practice to provide quality treatments, and are ready to assist you in improving your smile and giving you the confidence you need to feel great about your oral health and beauty!
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