Fulham patients ask: where can I find a dentist for same day CEREC restorations?

At Gentle Dental Putney, our experienced team of six doctors and professional staff are committed to investing in advanced technologies and providing patient-focused care. Our goal is to meet your unique needs in an efficient, effective, and gentle manner. We know that your time is important to you and we strive to help you to get on with your busy life.

If you are considering dental restorations, such as crowns or bridges, you may be worried about the length of time that traditional restorations could take. With our state-of-the-art CEREC technology, you can achieve your beautiful smile in just one visit to our comfortable and friendly office.


We believe that our investment in CEREC technology is a benefit to our patients. Some of the advantages include:
  • Enhanced patient comfort - traditional restorations required the patient to bite into a gooey substance to create a physical impression of the teeth. For many patients, this can activate an unpleasant gag reflex or simply feel uncomfortable. With CEREC, an optical impression is made with a quick and comfortable, hand-held oral camera
  • Patient participation - CEREC allows the patient and dentist to view the impression, choose the shade of porcelain, and design the restoration together at the patient's chairside. As opposed to restorations that are created at an off-site, remote lab with the patient unseen, our doctors can make recommendation that fit your natural smile
  • Greater precision and custom design - after the optical impression is sent to our sophisticated, computer-aided design software, the porcelain is custom-fabricated with a precision milling tool
  • Immediate results - after final consultation between the patient and the doctor to confirm that the restoration will look exactly as desired, the crown or bridge takes less than a half an hour to create for placement. Patients do not need one visit for preparation of the tooth surface, placement of a temporary restoration, and yet another visit for the finished restoration
You can achieve the smile of your dreams without the wait and hassles. Gentle Dental Putney, serving patients from Putney, Fulham, and nearby London neighbourhoods, demonstrates its commitment to patient convenience and comfort with technologies like CEREC, extended office hours, online scheduling, dental care for the whole family, and flexible payment options.

To find out why Gentle Dental Putney is "The Dentist with the Difference", contact us today at 0208 780 2226.
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