The beauty of CEREC restorations from your Putney dentist

If you are like the majority of the population, you want to protect your oral health but do not have room in your schedule for extra trips to the dentist. We understand this and offer our patients CEREC.

What is CEREC?

Many patients consider CEREC to be the greatest advance in dentistry. It makes it possible for the doctors here at Gentle Dental Putney to complete the restoration with a porcelain dental crown or fixed dental bridge in one appointment. It has brought the dental lab in to our office, giving our doctors ultimate control over every aspect of your restoration.

The CEREC process

The first step in receiving a CEREC dental crown or fixed dental bridge is very similar to that of receiving a standard restoration. If you are receiving a dental crown your doctor will start by removing damaged tooth structure and reshaping the tooth, if you need a fixed dental bridge the teeth on each side of the gap are shaped to accommodate the dental crowns that the artificial tooth is attached to. Once the teeth are prepared, our patients will experience the “CEREC” difference, beginning with the impressions.

Many patients, especially those with sensitive gag reflexes, dislike having to bite into the material that traditional impressions are taken with, well with CEREC impressions are as easy as having a photo taken. The technical term is an optical impression and it is viewed on the computer screen. Your doctor can design your crown with the CEREC software, with traditional restorations a dental lab would create the crown without being able to see your smile or ask you questions. Your doctor will choose a block of porcelain that matches the shade of your other teeth and the CEREC machine will mill (fabricate) your new restoration. The CEREC process is measured in minutes, not days or weeks, typically the restoration is completed in about twenty minutes. The final step is placing the restoration. From start to finish the process for most porcelain restorations can be completed in one appointment without you ever having to wear a temporary crown or bridge.

If you are missing a tooth or have one that needs a crown, but simply cannot fit two dental appointments into your hectic schedule give us a call at 0208 780 2226 and schedule your appointment. The staff here at Gentle Dental Putney will give you a reason to smile. You will quickly see why we are “the dentist with a difference.�
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