London area Dentist describes the smile makeover

Dr. Etienne Potgieter of Gentle Dental Putney can assist London patients who are ready to repair their smiles when imperfections occur. Many patients do not have naturally beautiful smiles and have many aesthetic concerns that may affect their self-esteem and confidence. When a myriad of problems exist within the smile, patients may be urged to consider the advantages of a smile makeover.

A smile makeover is a treatment plan that is developed for patients who may need several different cosmetic services through their dentist. Dramatic changes can be made during a smile makeover, and patients can obtain the smile of their dreams with a number of treatments available through Gentle Dental Putney. Dr. Etienne Potgieter may suggest one or more of the following dental services to improve the smile:

Dental Implants
Implants are titanium rods used to replace a missing tooth or to stabilize full dentures

Full and partial dentures replace missing teeth in an economical way

Dental Crowns
Crowns have a wide range of uses including the restoration of dental implants, protection of natural tooth enamel, and strengthening of weakened teeth

Dental Bridges
Bridges are made of porcelain and utilize adjacent teeth for bonding them into place and restoring a missing natural tooth quickly and easily

Teeth Whitening
Brightening the smile with teeth bleaching solutions is a fast and affordable method of rejuvenating the smile, especially when over-the-counter options fail in providing desired results

Invisalign and Inman Aligners are both available as orthodontic treatments for patients who want to correct the alignment of their smile

Porcelain Veneers
Dental veneers are made of ceramic that mimics the appearance of traditional tooth enamel and allows patients to cover imperfections in their smiles that make them self-conscious.

One or more of these procedures may be used in a treatment plan to help in rejuvenation and restoring the smile in a dramatic way. Dr. Etienne Potgieter of Gentle Dental Putney encourages patients in the London area to speak to him about smile makeover solutions and learn more about his dental practice. Not only does he offer restorative treatments, but he also provides preventative, general, and cosmetic procedures in a family-friendly dental practice.
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