Dentist in Putney describes the benefits of dental crowns

Dental crowns are common restorations used in the smile to strengthen the natural tooth or restore its appearance. Dr. Etienne Potgieter of Gentle Dental Putney uses these “caps” to offer his patients the opportunity to protect a tooth that is weak or broken. They can be used as extra protection for teeth that have large fillings. Not only are dental crowns versatile but they also have many advantages.

Here are some of the benefits of dental crowns as presented by the team at Gentle Dental Putney:


Dental crowns are made of ceramic, which gives them a natural look and feel. This porcelain is matched to the colour of the existing teeth in the smile to integrate nicely.


Porcelain is an extremely strong material, and by placing dental crowns fabricated of ceramic, patients can rest easy knowing their dental restoration can last a decade or longer with proper care and maintenance.

Stain Resistant

Porcelain is a material that not only closely resembles natural tooth enamel but is also stain resistant. Unlike the natural teeth, dental crowns will not dull or discolour in the same way, making them long-term solutions.


Dental crowns are bonded into place with a special dental cement, which keeps them from slipping and shifting out of place.


By using porcelain, patients can enjoy the strength that dental crowns can provide. When bonded over natural teeth, they can restore the functionality of the natural tooth in a way no other restoration can.


Dental crowns are bonded over the natural teeth and many patients are unaware they have crowns because of the increased comfort. Other dental restorations, such as dentures, have a tendency to irritate the gums, but dental crowns fit snug over the natural tooth for precision and comfort.

While dental crowns cannot last a lifetime, they can be easily replaced with the assistance of a quality dental team such as Dr. Etienne Potgieter of Gentle Dental Putney. He is happy to help patients restore their smiles in an affordable, desirable manner with his wide selection of cosmetic dental services.
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