Smile again with a dental implant treatment in Putney

It can be embarrassing when you are missing teeth, it may make you want to withdraw from social activities. A problem with your teeth is not something you can hide from, but it can be fixed. The embarrassment you may be feeling regarding your smile is a side effect of a much larger problem. If left untreated when you have a missing tooth the rest of the teeth will shift positions to fill the void. The gaps between the teeth can trap plaque and this could lead to gum disease or tooth decay.

The solution

A dental implant could be the perfect solution to fix your smile and preserve your dental health. It does not matter if you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth. The talented staff at Gentle Dental Putney can help you find the perfect solution.

To have a dental implant placed can take several appointments over a period of time. During your first appointment, the staff at Gentle Dental Putney will take x-rays and work out a treatment plan. The second appointment will consist of surgically placing small titanium rods into the jawbone. This will be the "root" for your new tooth. This is a simple process that is typically done with local anaesthetic, but if you prefer Gentle Dental Putney does offer sedation options. During this appointment, you will receive a spacer to keep your teeth in place and protect the implants while your jawbone grows around the titanium rod.

Once your jawbone has healed around the titanium rod (typically about a month and a half to three months) you will return and the doctor will place abutments (connectors) on the implants. Your new teeth will be attached to the abutments. Sometimes the abutments and crowns are done in one appointment, and other times it may require separate appointments, depending on the specific situation.

Your dental implants will look, function, and be as strong as natural teeth. Although an implant cannot get a cavity, it is important to take care of it just same way you take care of rest of your teeth. The most important thing is to follow the instructions and any advice that the staff at Gentle Dental Putney give you.

Although dental implants may be more expensive than getting a bridge or crown initially, it can last as long as your natural teeth. A bridge or crown typically has to be replaced after a period of approximately 10 years making a dental implant treatment the better option. When you are ready to stop hiding your smile give the staff at Gentle Dental Putney a call. They can help you review your options and choose what is best for you. They are very skilled, caring, and professional.
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