Why dental implants from a Putney Hill dentist are the best solution for tooth restoration

A cosmetic dentist can provide patients with beautiful, healthy smiles. Using state-of-the-art techniques and materials, the team at Gentle Dental Putney allows patients to transform their smiles. We offer a wide variety of services to patients of all ages.

Patients who visit our practice and are considering methods of achieving the smile they had before tooth loss may ask their dentist about the placement of dental implants. Dental implants are restorations made to replace missing teeth. Using titanium posts placed into the bone of the jaw with surgery, a dentist can provide a natural-looking solution to restore chewing and biting efficiency. A dental crown is fabricated and placed on top of the implant and the smile is restored to its original beauty.

Dental implants are considered a better alternative to partial dentures and dental bridges. Partial dentures are removable and cannot help in maintaining the bone structure of the jaw. Dental bridges require patients use surrounding, healthy teeth to support the restoration. Dental implants have a number of benefits over these alternative solutions.


Dental implants look completely natural. A dental crown is made to place over an abutment on the implant, and is custom-fabricated to match the patient’s existing teeth for seamless integration into the smile.


Dental implants are known to last a lifetime with proper maintenance. The crown may need to be replaced over time, but the implant stays in place and does not require special care.


Dental implants derive their strength from the jawbone, allowing them to be stronger and more stable than alternative treatments.

Maintain Bone Structure

The placement of a dental implant can stimulate bone growth, maintaining the bone structure underneath the gum tissue like no other restoration can.


Dental implants may cost more initially than bridges and dentures, but considering they can last decades, they maintain their value better than any alternative.

If you are a patient considering restorative solutions after tooth loss, the team at Gentle Dental Putney is here to help. Families in the Putney Hills area and surrounding communities are encouraged to visit for a free consultation.
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