What options are available for false teeth for patients in London?

Dr. Etienne Potgieter of Gentle Dental Putney is excited to provide patients in London with restorative options for their smiles. When the idea of false teeth makes patients cringe, he provides them with the information they need to know about the many alternatives they have at their disposal. Dr. Etienne Potgieter suggests patients speak to him to improve their knowledge about false teeth options.

There are three primary ways for patients to replace missing teeth, bridges, dental implants, and dentures. Bridges are porcelain restorations made to anchor to the adjacent teeth to support a false tooth in-between them. Dental implants are titanium metal posts anchored into the jaw bone and restored over the top with a dental crown to replace a single tooth. Dentures are removable restorations that can replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or even an entire arch with one appliance. Patients who are interested in the most economical solution may decide to opt for dentures.

Partial and full dentures are both available through Gentle Dental Putney. Dr. Etienne Potgieter provides quality restorations made of the best acrylics and metal available for the best fit, function, and appearance. Dentures have come a long way over the years and look much more natural than they did in the past. Patients do not have to worry about fake-looking teeth or ill-fitting dentures. Dr. Etienne Potgieter ensures that the dentures are made to look their absolute best and to be practically indistinguishable from natural teeth. They are fabricated with some of the strongest, most durable materials for longevity. Patients are always welcome to bring their dentures to his practice for adjustments to ensure proper fit over time as changes occur to the shape of the dental arch, gum tissues, and remaining teeth.

If you live in London and have considered a quality dentist for your tooth restoration needs, contact Dr. Etienne Potgieter of Gentle Dental Putney today to book your appointment. His team is here to provide restorative solutions for missing teeth as well as general and cosmetic dentistry.
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