Putney Hill patients achieve permanent smiles with full implant-supported dentures

Patients who want to restore their smiles after tooth loss often turn to full cosmetic dentures. This is an effective way for patients to address the loss of an entire dental arch, but is not always the best solution for everyone. Some patients find full dentures to be troublesome. They may shift or fall out, resulting in irritation and sores on the gums. When this happens, they can be uncomfortable to wear and increase one’s risk for infection. The loss or extraction of all the teeth in the dental arch leaves patients with limited options. However, many denture wearers are happy to hear about an alternative called implant-supported dentures, also known as “permanent dentures.”

The team at Gentle Dental Putney in Putney Hills offers implant-supported dentures for patients who have struggled with the full dentures. Regardless of how many times the dentures are adjusted, they can still be uncomfortable and fail to stay in place. Using several dental implants, patients can snap their dentures in place and keep them there-allowing a stable and comfortable alternative to conventional dentures.

Implant-supported dentures involve a surgical procedure for the placement of implants. There must be sufficient bone structure underneath the gums for patients to have the implants placed. X-rays will allow a dentist to determine if there is enough bone to hold the implants in place and provide the stability desired. If so, two or more implants are placed and the dentures are retrofitted to snap over them.

Patients enjoy the benefits of a stronger, more stable denture to restore chewing and biting efficiency better than dentures alone. When dental adhesives and other methods of retaining dentures are no longer working, it may be time for patients to discuss the possibility of permanent dentures.

If you live in the Putney Hills area and have been struggling with your full dentures, it may be time to make the switch to implant-supported dentures for better fit, function, and comfort. Call Gentle Dental Putney today to educate yourself on the benefits of permanent dentures and the ways in which they can improve your lifestyle.
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