Benefits of a Putney Hill family dentist

Are you a family in the Putney Hills area considering the benefits of a family dentist? Look no further than Gentle Dental Putney! Our practice is committed to helping patients of all ages attain good oral health and achieve the beautiful smile they've always wanted! We provide general and cosmetic dentistry to children and adults, and believe that everyone is deserving of a healthy smile.

The team at Gentle Dental Putney is proud to offer family dental services. Many families are unaware of the benefits of having a family dentist. Here are just a few advantages of visiting Gentle Dental Putney.


No parent wants to deal with scheduling every family member at a different dental practice around town. With a family dentist, Putney Hills patients can schedule the entire household for back-to-back appointments with the team at Gentle Dental Putney. Parents no longer have to shuttle their family members between dental practices and can have everyone seen in one convenient visit.

Maintenance of Records

Visiting a family dentist regularly is the best way to maintain dental records in one location. Patients whose families visit separate dentists may find it hard to keep all dental records easily accessible. This is helpful for patients who have emergency dental situations and need to see a dentist who already has x-rays and pertinent information on file.

Consistent Care

When everyone visits the same dentist, the same dental routines are followed. Patients learn how to brush and floss their teeth regularly while maintaining recall visits at the dental practice for cleanings and examinations. This can improve a family's oral health and assist them in maintaining beautiful smiles for years to come!

If you and your family reside in the Putney Hills area and are considering the benefits of family dentistry, contact our practice today to schedule a consultation appointment and visit our state-of-the-art practice. See how our team is committed to your family's dental health with up-to-date technology and a caring, friendly staff.
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