Good oral hygiene protects your dental health in Putney

Everyone wants their teeth to last a lifetime, but a study showed that 69 per cent of adults have lost at least one tooth by the time they are 44 years old. This statistic highlights the need for good oral hygiene because your dental health is dependent on your at home care and preventive dental treatments from the team at Gentle Dental Putney.

Proper oral hygiene

In many cases people may try to take good care of their teeth, but unfortunately, they do not know or use the proper technique. Vigorously passing the brush over every tooth one or twice and rinsing with mouth wash is not enough to prevent cavities or gum disease.


You should brush your teeth a minimum of two times a day. If possible brush every time you eat. You should hold your brush at a 45 degree angle to the gums and move it gently back and forth in an upward direction so that the plaque is moved away from the gums. Begin by brushing the outside of each tooth then repeat the process for the inside. Then brush the tops of the teeth with gentle horizontal strokes. When you brush your teeth using the correct technique it should take between two and three minutes.


Flossing is the only way to clean the areas between the teeth that your toothbrush cannot access. It is vital that you floss at least once a day but it can be done every time you brush your teeth. There are flossing aids available; many find it easier to use these than wrapping the floss around their fingers. No matter what you decide to use, the technique is the same.

Slip the floss between your teeth, and hold it firmly against the side of your tooth work it up and down against the tooth. Although the tooth must be flossed at the gum line, it is important to be careful not to damage your gum tissue. Repeat this process for both sides of each tooth.

Routine check-ups

Daily oral hygiene cannot clean below the gum line, if any plaque was missed and turned into tartar, brushing and flossing will not remove it. The only way to remove tartar and clean areas that cannot be accessed with a brush and floss, such as below the gums, is with a professional cleaning. During this appointment you will also receive a dental examination. This enables your doctor here at Gentle Dental Putney to detect problems such as cavities and gum disease early. With any dental problem, the earlier it is detected the easier it will be to treat, because it has not had the opportunity to do as much damage.

If it is time for your routine check-up give us a call at 0208 780 2226 and schedule your appointment. You will be delighted with the friendly team and outstanding care you will receive here at Gentle Dental Putney.
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