Full Orthodontics

Putney London area dentist offers full orthodontics

Straightening the teeth is often seen as a cosmetic issue, but straighter teeth come with a number of other benefits. Straight teeth are easier to clean and care for, allowing patients to quickly floss and brush without any areas for bacteria to hide. Additionally, patients who are struggling with poor alignment of the bite may be experiencing less efficient eating and a higher risk of problems with the jaw such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Patients who have moderate to severe misalignment issues are encouraged to consider the benefits of orthodontics. Dr. Etienne Potgieter of Putney London may suggest the use of traditional braces to realign the teeth within the dental arch.

Orthodontics is a great way of improving the smile, but many patients don't want to have treatment because of the way they look on the teeth. Metal brackets and wires are often not the first choice for improving the dental arch. While Dr. Etienne Potgieter offers alternatives to traditional orthodontics such as the Inman Aligner and Invisalign, which may be more discreet, there are patients who are still better suited for traditional orthodontics.

Traditional orthodontics truly works for moderate to severe misalignment of the teeth and the bite. Patients are encouraged to consider them for permanent correction of the smile. Orthodontics have changed a lot over the years and patients can seek treatment using metal bracket and wire braces for a short period of time to get their smile looking great. Most patients will be in braces for approximately one year, depending on the severity of the misalignment.

Dr. Etienne Potgieter and the team of Gentle Dental Putney encourage patients in and around the Putney London area to consider the advantages of traditional orthodontic treatments that can be completed right in our office without being referred to an outside orthodontic specialist. Dr. Etienne Potgieter offers consultation appointments during which patients can ask about the treatment options available to them based on their needs and make an educated decision as to the orthodontic services that will work most appropriately for them.
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