Who in London is an appropriate candidate for clear adult orthodontics?

Many adults in the London community often want to learn about orthodontics that work with their lifestyle. The idea of conventional metal bracket and wire braces often turns a lot of teenagers and adults off to the concept of a more aligned smile. Many choose to live with their imperfections and poor bite to avoid having to undergo orthodontic treatment. However, Dr. Etienne Potgieter and his dental assistance, Dr. Ilze an Der Merwe, can suggest an alternative treatment such as Invisalign.

Invisalign is a clear orthodontic solution that may be preferred over traditional metal bracket and wire braces. Instead of covering the smile with brackets and wires to realign the teeth over the course of time, Dr. Ilze van Der Merwe of Gentle Dental Putney may suggest this tray aligner therapy. Invisalign is a revolutionary method of repositioning the teeth in a discreet and comfortable manner while maintaining better oral health and confidence. Patients can smile and laugh throughout treatment because the trays worn are difficult to distinguish from the natural teeth. Patients also find Invisalign to be more comfortable and much more desirable overall as an adult orthodontics solution.

However, not everyone is an appropriate candidate for Invisalign. During an initial consultation appointment, our team of Gentle Dental Putney can discuss with individuals whether or not they are suited for this specific treatment. Patients with mild to moderate misalignment may be chosen for Invisalign orthodontics as they are great candidates for this solution. A thorough examination and x-rays can help Drs. Etienne Potgieter and Ilze van Der Merwe determine if Invisalign is a great solution to a misaligned dental arch and bite. If not, they can recommend orthodontists in the area as a referral to get patients the treatment necessary.

Patients in the SW London area who have considered orthodontic treatment but are not set on the idea of traditional braces are welcome to contact the team of Gentle Dental Putney to learn about not only Invisalign but other alternatives such as Inman Aligners, readily available through our state-of-the-art practice. Contact Drs. Etienne Potgieter and Ilze van Der Merwe to learn more!

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