A Putney dentist discusses the advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces

Many adults, who have malocclusion (missing teeth,) long for a beautiful, straight smile, like the ones seen on so many celebrities. For most, the idea of undergoing several years of treatment with traditional braces keeps them from ever asking their dentist about options. Others believe that orthodontic treatment is reserved for adolescents, and feel like they are too late in life to receive corrective treatment. The truth is it is never too late to correct a misaligned smile. At Gentle Dental Putney, we can help our adult patients discreetly achieve the smile of their dreams.

We all know that personal appearance is closely tied with success. Someone with a winning smile is perceived as friendlier, smarter, and more trustworthy. Because in today's society, perception is often synonymous with reality, being perceived as these things can put you one step ahead of the competition in both social and professional situations.

If you are unhappy with crooked, misaligned teeth, but are uncomfortable with the idea of spending years in braces, Invisalign may be your key to a perfect smile.

The Invisalign system is a clear, discreet approach to orthodontics. It utilizes a series of clear, comfortable aligner trays that are nearly invisible when being worn. You can straighten your teeth without fear of embarrassment.

Some of the many advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces include:
  • Removable – you can take your aligner trays out to eat, clean your teeth, or in certain social or professional situations
  • Fast – the Invisalign system generally straightens teeth quicker than braces.
  • Affordable – because of the shorter treatment time, Invisalign treatment generally costs less than traditional braces.
  • Convenient – patients have to visit the dentist less frequently with Invisalign than with traditional braces.
Aligner trays should be worn anywhere from 20 to 22 hours per day for optimal results. Many patients opt for professional teeth whitening services after Invisalign to complete a full smile makeover.

If you have always wanted to fix your alignment issues but have been deterred by braces, call Gentle Dental Putney today to learn more about the Invisalign system. We can make straightening your teeth a breeze with the quick, efficient, and invisible approach to orthodontic treatment.
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