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" I have no hesitation in recommending Gental Dental Putney. Thank you Dr. Potgieter for your integrity and first class dentistry! This is a happy Dental Surgery and all the staff are very caring and friendly."

- Jan Lear
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Misaligned and crooked teeth are often a sort of self-consciousness and embarrassment for patients. When their smile isn't perfect, they may find that they smile less and hide their smile from others. While traditional orthodontics used to be the only way to address imperfect smiles, the team at Gentle Dental Putney can now provide state-of-the-art treatments such as Invisalign and Inman Aligners for those looking to renovate their smile and produce a more beautiful, attractive result.


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Invisalign is an amazing way for patients to realign their teeth into their proper locations. Invisalign uses clear aligner trays that are made from digital, computerized impressions at Gentle Dental Putney. These trays are made to fit over the patient's teeth in order to slowly move them into more desirable positions. The trays are worn for two weeks at a time, in which a new tray is worn to continue to progression of movement. The aligner trays are worn at all times except when the patient is eating, drinking, or caring for their teeth by brushing and flossing. Unlike traditional metal braces, they do not use brackets and wires and are almost undetectable by others.

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A patient to whom the invisalign procedure was carried out by Dr. Ilze Van Der Merwe

Inman Aligners

Some patients suffer from teeth that are protruding out of alignment or are overcrowding their smile. Inman Aligners are similar to retainers that help reposition teeth into a more appropriate location to help straighten and realign a patient's smile. They are adjusted to straighten teeth into a straight, vertical position, keeping a patient's smile straight and smooth across the front. They are removable, allowing patients the ability to brush, floss, and care for their teeth as they regularly would. Treatment time with Inman Aligners can take anywhere from six to 16 weeks.

Depending on your personal situation, the dentists at Gentle Dental Putney can make a solid recommendation as to what is best for you. Every individual situation is different, so it is important to have a thorough and complete consultation and examination to determine which solution may help alleviate your dental concerns. Call Gentle Dental Putney today to schedule your free consultation appointment with the dentists and staff to find out how our cosmetic procedures can help restore and rejuvenate your smile!
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