Your dentist and Invisalign what they can do for your smile in Putney

When it comes to first impressions there is no such thing as a do-over. A person’s smile is considered to be their most memorable trait. When someone has teeth that are crooked, their smile can be memorable for all of the wrong reasons. The traditional orthodontic treatment of metal braces can be embarrassing, especially for adults who tend to associate them with adolescents and teenagers.

Invisalign is the perfect solution for people who are self-conscious about their smile. While they can achieve the same orthodontic results as traditional metal braces, they are actually aligner trays. They are removable and virtually invisible. Comfort and convince are two benefits of Invisalign.

Problems with metal braces

Traditional metal braces can be very painful; the wires can irritate and cut the soft tissue in your mouth. While the tissue will toughen (becoming callused) this problem can recur with every adjustment. Beyond the pain there is the issue of convenience. Patients typically have to see the dentist every two weeks for another potently painful adjustment. Oral hygiene could be considered the largest inconvenience every time a patient eats they must carefully clean around every wire and bracket. Missed food particles can easily result in discoloured teeth, or worse – dental decay.

The benefits of Invisalign

Gentle Dental Putney offers their patents Invisalign. This orthodontic solution has a number of benefits starting with the fact they are clear, there is not the embarrassment of having a metal mouth. They are a lot more comfortable and there are no wires to cut the gums. Patients will not have to worry about broken or loose wires or brackets. The advantages of Invisalign are numerous.

Patients who wear the Invisalign aligners typically only have to see the dentist every six weeks. During this appointment they will receive their next several trays. They will wear each tray for about two weeks before moving on to the next. When it comes to oral hygiene, this is probably the biggest convenience and timesaver. Patients remove their aligners when they eat, or drink anything other than plain water. After eating, patients brush their teeth as they always have, and then clean and replace the aligner.

Another reason that patients love Invisalign is there are no food restrictions. With traditional braces any foods that are sticky, hard, or could lodge in the braces are on the list of restricted foods. Invisalign allows patients to enjoy all of their favourite foods.

If you have been looking for a convenient solution to your orthodontic issues, call Gentle Dental Putney today at 0208 780 2226 to schedule an appointment.
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