SW London area Dentist describes how Invisalign works

Orthodontic alternatives such as Invisalign have become an extremely popular method for patients in the SW London area who are interested in correcting the alignment of their natural teeth. Crooked or turned teeth can have a negative effect on the appearance of the smile, so patients who do not have perfectly aligned teeth may benefit from the use of braces. However, traditional braces, which use metal brackets and wires are unattractive and many patients will avoid treatment because of their appearance. Thankfully there are several orthodontic alternatives available to patients who are turned off by traditional methods and are ready for something revolutionary. Invisalign is a treatment offered at Gentle Dental Putney by Dr. Ilze van Der Merwe.

Invisalign is a method of realigning the teeth that does not use brackets and wires as conventional braces do. Instead, Invisalign works by repositioning the teeth with clear aligner trays made of professional-grade plastics. These plastic trays snap over the dental arch and help in gently but effectively pushing the teeth into their new positions.

Invisalign has several advantages over traditional metal bracket and wire braces that patients are welcome to learn more about by visiting the practice of Gentle Dental Putney. They include:
  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Removable for cleaning and eating
  • Clear and discreet, difficult for others to notice
  • Comfortable with smooth surfaces and no sharp edges
  • Better oral health with easy removal
  • Treatment by a dentist patients already know and trust
Dr. Ilze van Der Merwe of Gentle Dental Putney is a quality dentist who understands how traditional braces can make patients feel. They reduce self-confidence and make patients feel as though they are unattractive, especially adults who are in high-powered careers and need to always look their best. At Gentle Dental Putney in SW London, patients can speak to a dental professional and learn about the many ways in which Invisalign orthodontics can improve their smile and self-esteem even throughout treatment. Contact Dr. Ilze van Der Merwe today to book a consultation appointment and find out if you are an appropriate candidate for treatments such as Invisalign in a quality dental setting.
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