The benefits of conscious sedation for Putney area patients

There are hundreds of people in the Putney area who do not receive the dental care they need due to dental phobia. At Gentle Dental Putney, we offer conscious sedation as a way for our patients to ease their way back in the dental chair and receive both preventative and restorative work to restore their oral health.

Most people are familiar with the concept of conscious sedation. The gentle medication works to help anxious patients relax during the appointment. In addition to putting people at ease, there are many other benefits to oral conscious sedation.


We all know that sitting for long periods of time may sound nice, but in reality, it can be uncomfortable to remain still. For patients facing extensive procedures, it can be even worse. Oral conscious sedation allows your mind and your body to relax, which can eliminate sore muscles after lengthy procedures.


We all have busy schedules and sometimes finding the time for multiple dental appointments can be tricky. Conscious sedation allows patients the relaxation and comfort needed to receive multiple procedures in a single visit. This allows you to maximize your time and eliminates the need for rearranging your schedule.

Quicker Healing

The sedation allows your body, and by extension, your mouth and jaw to be relaxed, it means there is less trauma to the soft tissue area during treatment. Because of this healing time can be cut down.

Helps patients overcome fear

Perhaps your anxiety stems from a previous bad experience. Oral conscious sedation has allowed many patients to ease their way into our office and gives us the opportunity to win their trust. With our experience and trained staff, we have found that many patients start off with sedation and actually get to the point where they no longer require it for dental appointments.

At Gentle Dental Putney, we are happy to share with our patients how oral conscious sedation can help get you back on the right track for oral health. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 0208 780 2226.
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