Methods of Sedation available from Dentist in London

Visiting the dentist is considered a nerve-wracking experience for many patients in the Putney, London area. The team of Gentle Dental Putney offers patients a solution when it comes to nervousness and anxiety often felt when it comes time to visit the dentist's chair. At our practice, we offer sedation dentistry. Our dentist and his team can relax patients and make them feel comfortable using one of two methods, including oral conscious sedation and IV sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Sedation in this manner uses a prescription medication which the patient takes before their appointment to relax them. They arrange transportation to the dental office and have their friend or family member wait for them in the waiting room while they have their procedure completed. They are awake and coherent for the appointment, allowing them to answer questions and follow instructions. Their ride takes them back home to rest during which the medication wears off. When they awaken, they often have little to no recollection of the dental visit but their smile is healthier!

IV Sedation

Patients with more severe anxieties may instead benefit from IV sedation. This uses a special medication which is administered through IV fluids into the blood stream for immediate relaxation. Patients are monitored by one of our staff members throughout the procedure to ensure they are safely sedated. Many patients fall asleep during IV sedation because they are so comfortable. IV sedation is easy, affordable, and can help many patients overcome their fear of the dentist.

At Gentle Dental Putney, we understand when patients are anxious about visiting their dentist. Some patients have had previously negative experiences while others are unhappy with the "fear of the unknown." Our team works closely with patients of all ages who may be uneasy with attending their much-needed dental appointments and provides sedation dentistry for this specific reason. Contact Gentle Dental Putney today to schedule a consultation appointment with a dentist of our team and learn more about the ways in which sedation dentistry can put you at ease and make every dental visit a positive one!
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