Which products are the best for whitening the teeth in Putney, London?


Best Teeth Whitening Products Putney London from Dr. Etienne Potgiete, Gentle Dental Putney
A bright smile exudes health and confidence. When patients are displeased with how their smile looks to others due to dullness or staining, they may consider the benefits of teeth whitening products. Gentle Dental Putney in London offers the best solutions for improving the smile, specifically their in-office power bleaching.

What is in-office bleaching?

Patients who want immediate results from their teeth whitening treatment are encouraged to learn about in-office power bleaching. This treatment helps patients achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted quickly and easily with the help of a dental professional. The in-office bleaching starts with a thorough cleaning. This removes plaque and tartar, which can inhibit the bleaching process. The gums are protected from the bleaching gels which are then applied to the surfaces of enamel. A specialized light activates the whitening gel and allows it to lift stains from deep within. The gel is removed and the teeth are cleaned again to reveal a brilliant and beautiful smile!

Who is a candidate for whitening?

Patients who have a dull, discoloured smile may benefit from teeth whitening procedures. Patients with orthodontics or those with restorations such as crowns, bridges, or porcelain veneers may not be considered appropriate for treatment. Patients should also discuss with their dentist the possibility of sensitivity that can occur after whitening but often lasts a short period. Our whitening process provides exceptional results at an affordable rate.

Learn about the best alternative to over-the-counter whitening products

If you reside in or around the area of Putney, London and are ready to discuss teeth whitening products with a dental professional, schedule a consultation and evaluation at Gentle Dental Putney. Our practice can be called at or visited at 30A Putney Hills. Contact us to learn more about professional bleaching products and services.

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