The process of professional teeth whitening with Putney Hills dentist

Over the course of the years, teeth can become dull and discoloured. This happens due to foods, drinks, medications, aging, and even genetics. Many patients who visit the practice of Gentle Dental Putney in Putney Hills ask about restoring their white, brilliant smile. Most patients can benefit from professional teeth whitening to achieve dazzling, brighter teeth!

Professional teeth whitening differs dramatically from over-the-counter whitening kits. Patients who have tried whitening strips, toothpastes, and whitening trays may have been discouraged by the results. The results may have been unnoticeable, or minor for the amount of money paid for the total treatment. Patients may also experience unwanted sensitivity. Whitening treatments at the dental office are much more effective and can provide amazing results.

The process of an in-office whitening session is comfortable and relaxing. Patients wear a plastic piece that opens the mouth and ensures the gums and teeth are visible and accessible. A barrier gel is applied to the gums around the teeth and hardened protect the gums from the powerful whitening solution. The bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and activated with a light. The barrier is removed and the whitening gel is washed off of the surface of the teeth to reveal a more brilliant, beautiful smile! Patients leave the dental office with a more radiant smile than ever before, which can boost their confidence and self-esteem dramatically!

In-office professional teeth whitening is often recommended for patients who have stubborn stains on their teeth, or for those who want fast, effective results. Whitening trays and other professional grade products need time to gradually provide whitening results, while patients can use in-office whitening treatments to bleach their teeth in approximately one hour.

If you live in the Putney Hills area or surrounding communities and are considering a family dentist for professional bleaching, contact Gentle Dental Putney today to schedule a consultation visit and learn more about the in-office whitening solution available. This affordable, effective treatment can rejuvenate a tired, dull, and stained smile like no other whitening solution out there.
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